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Melbourne, Naarm artist working with the notions of time, movement and connection. These elements of thought are relating to the passage of time, acknowledging the interaction and collection of moments we share through solidarity and commonality. Incorporating this with a multi-disciplinary approach, her practice involves the exploration of emotive response and reaction through mark-making, materiality and abstraction. The use of texture, tone and layering captures movement in time resulting in unrecognisable narratives that aims to encourage individual thought and emotive response. She invites the viewer to explore their own thoughts and curiosities, to be present with the work as well as themselves.





      2024   CURRENT 16 - 31 May

                 R : I N : M, North Gallery, Fitzroy

      2022   Moments in Lul, House of Plants, Abbotsford


      2024   THREE, North Gallery, Fitzroy

      2023   Tracing Change, Modern Times, Collingwood

      2023   Novel, Melbourne City Library, Melbourne

      2023   TWO, North Gallery, Fitzroy

      2023   Gather Together, Long Gallery, Hobart

      2023   Substrate 23, Tacit Art, Collingwood

      2023   E6 Necklace Exhibition, Melbourne Design Week, Rooftop Bar, Melbourne

      2023   B G S, Bouvardia, Melbourne

      2023   Bound Pigment, Tacit Art, Collingwood

      2023   Thinning Of The Veil, Old Bar Gallery, Fitzroy

      2022   A Love Letter for Brahmen Perera, Oigall Projects, Fitzroy

      2022   For the Deckade, Backwoods Gallery, Collingwood

      2022   Offline, Motley Bauhaus, Carlton

      2022   E0122, Backwoods Gallery, Collingwood

      2021   10 Under 30, New Artisan Gallery, Sydney

      2021   E0121, Backwoods Gallery, Collingwood

      2021   For The Deckade, No Vacancy, Melbourne

      2020   New Year, New Blood, Red Gallery, Fitzroy North

      2020   Art Auction Bushfire Fundraiser, Buck Mulligan, Northcote   

      2019   Live Painting, Sydney Road Festival, Soma Gallery, Brunswick  

      2019   Vacant, Soma Gallery, Brunswick





                Perri Cutten

                Made For. Interior Design Studio
  Private Collections


                Interview with Ryan Dickinson, Medium



      2022   Bachelor of Fine Art, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia

      2021   Bachelor of Fine Art, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia

      2020   Bachelor of Fine Art, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia
      2019   Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts, RMIT Melbourne, Australia

      2018   Diploma of Visual Arts, RMIT Melbourne, Australia

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